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The Joy of Sisterhood
Begins with You

Get involved and receive support through our Facebook Group.

Who can become a member?

– You must be a female
– You must be a veteran
– You must identify your branch of service

Our Goals
– To Support
– To Share Experiences
– To promote togetherness
– To share access to community resources

Message from our Founder

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Parent education program

CUPS has free parent education programs, classes and activities that help caregivers build positive skills. You must be a low income earner with young children (0-6 years-old), and you must be open to learning new information and working on new parenting skills.

Explore Our Initiatives: Buddy Pairs and Fairy Dust Sprinkles – Join Us in Transforming the Future

Buddy Pairs

Building Strong Bonds Among Sister Veterans

Buddy Pairing offers a unique opportunity to connect with another SisterVeteran for a designated period, fostering a strong bond through mutual support, engagement, and the chance to build meaningful connections within our community.

Fairy Dust Sprinkles

Monthly Delightful Surprises for Sister Veterans

The Fairy Dust Sprinkle is a monthly pairing between two sisters who agree to exchange gifts for that particular month based on, either a theme or each individual’s favorite things.

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We survive by lifting each other up.

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